The Land

The estate includes 4 ha of arable land, fully fenced. A small lake is included: this makes the property perfect for those who have animals like horses and other grazing animals, or for watering a vegetable garden. Also truffles can be found nearby the many oak trees. Building a panoramic pool is possible.


The original land covered almost 1.2 hectare, mainly garden. The additional acquired 2.8 hectare consists of 0,8h woods and 2h former farmland. Enough options to become self-supporting.


There are multiple zones with various types of black truffle (summer & winter) and one known spot with white truffle. Start your own 'Tartufaia' by planting young oak trees that have been prepared with truffle spores.

Just enjoy your property

Enjoy the land with your family, friends and pets. The entire estate is fenced.